Here is how to become a client of the Mattawa Area Food Bank, who is qualified, what paperwork is required, distribution days/times


After we enter your information, you will be issued a bar-coded Client Card and you can receive your box of food. This card helps us and you! If your card is presented at the next food distribution day we can quickly scan it and you can proceed to pick up your food. Please bring it with you!


We normally distribute food on the 2 Saturdays each month, but that is adjusted for holidays in the months of November and December. See schedule below:

Without Qualification Means:


- Serving everyone regardless of residency


- Asking no questions regarding personal    financial matters, marital staus, religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity or national origin


- No requirement for Social Security numbers


- Not requiring anyone to attend a religious service or political meeting in order to receive food


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We Provide Food to People Who Present Themselves in Need
Without Qualification
Our Policies

1. We will never exchange food for money, fees of any kind, services or products; nor to ask, require or encourage clients to donate funds or volunteer time in exchange for food products.

2. We will treat all clients with respect and dignity and will not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion or sexual orientation.

3. We will provide reports to NWHarvest and USDA the number and ages of people who were provided food assistance on a monthly basis. This information is for planning and budgeting purposes only. Personal information is not shared. This is how our partners know what our needs are on a timely basis.

4. When you first come to us, we'll ask you to complete a short Client Information form, giving us your name, address and ages of your family members. It would be helpful if you completed this form before coming in.

How to Find Us:


Our food distribution days are the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. 


Subject to change in November and December due to holidays.  Please check back.